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As the leading provider of young men’s fashion, XIOS understands that the modern man wants to keep up with current trends but at the same time exude personal accents with their outfits.

With our in-house designers, we are constantly looking for ways to not only meet the unique styles of our customers but also help them be the trailblazers of upcoming trends and fashions in the young men’s clothing industry. Because fads disappear and new trends emerge, Xios will do its best to make such trends available to our customers. We are determined to maintain our forefront as trendsetters by offering new arrivals as frequent as possible.

XIOS not only stays up-to-date with the trends of North America but also the trends of Europe. XIOS is the one of the very few that provide unique clothing for the distinguishing tastes of young men who yearn to express their personality through European trends. Hence, XIOS has provided more than twenty locations on the east coast so that the average American male does not have to travel to Europe in order to purchase European influenced clothing.

Furthermore, men’s clothing should not only keep a young man warm from the biting cold but also in today’s day and age, the way a man is dressed has become of a part of his persona and character. Men’s fashion, in a way, has transformed to a form of art, in which the artist expresses his ideals and beliefs through the clothing on his back. With this recognition, XIOS views men’s fashion through the same spectrum as the average young male. Providing such means is paramount to the principles of XIOS and its customers.

At the same time, an artist cannot create a masterpiece using inferior tools and materials. XIOS being that artist, acknowledge that quality and the aesthetics aspects are the two upmost crucial factors in composing young men’s clothing today. To maintain our core principles, we believe that it’s our mission to provide our customers trendy men’s clothing but also should not cut any corners to sacrifice quality.

Since opening our first store in 1991 in New York, XIOS has been adamant about offering young men’s clothing of high quality at affordable prices. We plan on staying devoted to this philosophy for years to come.