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Top Men’s Wardrobe Staples for Back to School Clothing: Quality and Affordability

If you’re heading back to school in Fall of 2024, you probably have a ton of items on both your needs list and your wants list. Between books, school supplies, and clothing, shopping for back to school can be an extremely expensive time of the year – especially when you want to freshen up your wardrobe for the coming season! 

It is our belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and quantity when it comes to new clothing for the new school year. We know you need options and that when you look good you often feel good as well. Learn more about the top back to school trends below – like the perfect crew neck basic tee, what’s new with jeans, and button ups that will have you coming back for more. Stock up on the number one quality wardrobe staples ASAP so you have one less thing on your todo list before classes begin this Fall!

Top Clothing Must Haves For Back to School 

Pants for Every Occasion

Let's talk jeans— the undoubted staple in every guy's wardrobe. This year, it's all about high-quality denim that fits well and holds up not only to everyday wear but also to the wash. Dark wash jeans are back, with quality production methods that appeal to the budget-conscience student. Pair them with a button-up for a polished look or a tee for a casual vibe that transitions seamlessly from lectures and hangouts to nighttime vibes.

As we’ve mentioned, this year's back-to-school fashion emphasizes affordable, high-quality basics that promise longevity and style. Outside of jeans, students are investing wisely in well-fitted casual pants and joggers that bring a new level of quality and versatility to outerwear that hasn’t been seen before. These pieces bring an effortless flow to any outfit. They are easily paired with other layering items, and prioritize comfort for those long days and nights of studying.

Casual button-ups with a touch of class

Button-up shirts have undoubtedly made a strong comeback this year. Blending timeless elegance with a modern twist, button ups can be right for almost any occasion. From long sleeve structured shirts to casual yet sophisticated polos, buttons add a touch of class for a more thoughtful and put together look. With patterns to express every personality, or solid fabrics for basics that you can create dozens of outfits with, these comfortable and durable pieces are perfect for those long days on campus, commuting, and anything the new year may throw at you.

Short Sleeves with Chill Vibes

Short-sleeve tees are also getting a modern refresh with soft, breathable fabrics and vibrant colors. Whether you layer them under a jacket or wear them solo, these tees are designed for comfort without sacrificing style. Xios also has a plethora of graphic tees to choose from with phrases and designs that tell the world exactly who you are. There is truly something to match every personality and style.

The Perfect Basic Tee for Men

Everyone is always hunting for the perfect basic tee that they can pair with almost anything in their wardrobe - you know the one - it can be dressed up or down, and you find yourself reaching for it every single day! XIOS has crafted the perfect basic tee for men at the perfect price and in a variety of colors to fit every season and style. This tee combines thick quality fabric that is not see-through, 100% organic Pima Cotton that is cloud soft, AND fabric that is moisture wicking. We aren’t joking when we say this basic tee literally does it all. 

2024 Fashion that Checks Every Box

Our focus at XIOS is to help guys build a wardrobe that naturally seams together quality and affordability, so we can help you build a timeless closet that your friends will be begging for the details on.

In 2024, your fashion choices aren't just about making a statement - they're about making a difference; for you and for the world. By opting for affordable, high-quality men's clothing, you're not only finding unique ways to express yourself but you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future for men’s clothing. 

Join the movement and discover a new era of fashion that blends tradition with innovation. As you head back to campus, let your style speak volumes about who you are -  and who you’re working so hard to become - without saying a single word.

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