Our Story

Humble Beginnings

The idea of the XIOS brand, founded by Young H. Park, came from humble beginnings. As a young immigrant to America, he envisioned a clear plan for leaving his mark in the clothing industry. He would learn from the best retail business models, travel the world of sourcing, network with every aspect of the chain, and create something new – a company that provides high quality without the need to empty your wallet, something many promise, but few deliver.

Gaining Experience

Young H. Park cultivated 15 years of experience at KOMAN (a wholesale company), quickly rising up the ranks and becoming the VP overseeing supplies to major clothing companies such as Macy’s, JCPenny’s, Walmart, and many more.

The Birth of XIOS

In 1991, Mr. Park began his own company, "Clothing Emporium INC," breaking out into one of the most competitive markets, and opened his first store, “La Moda.” 30 years later, with 20 more locations throughout the tri-state area, XIOS has become a respected and trusted brand, keeping the promise of quality and fairness, and continues to grow.

Overcoming Challenges

The first year saw many challenges. Having dealt solely in wholesale, retail was an entirely different animal, requiring more exposure to the customer base and seeing face-to-face which trends dominated the market.

Despite these challenges, the first store’s opening proved to be an immense success and was quickly followed by the opening of several more stores by the next year. 

Transition to Exclusive Branding

Initially, Clothing Emporium INC carried products made by a wide range of brands (e.g., Levis, PEPE, Calvin Klein, and more) alongside our young and experimental XIOS Wear Brand. We discovered that customers preferred products made by us.

In 2001, a strategic decision was made to exclusively focus the company on retailing the XIOS Wear Brand. This enabled us to dedicate our efforts towards enhancing its style, quality, and variety while remaining at the forefront of fashion.

In-House Operations

From the beginning, it was decided that all aspects of the operation would be handled in-house—from design and manufacture to retail. By controlling the entire process, we could maintain a high level of quality control, ensuring that customers would receive the best possible products.

Commitment to Quality

Mr. Park has always believed that fine attention to detail would be shown in the products. The best trusted hands were those in the company that felt the same way—a tight-knit team of passionate individuals who upheld the same values.

This team has continued its growth process over the past 30 years, maintaining an old-fashioned value system with a modern take on what customers want and what the future of fashion entails.


A Growing Legacy

With over 30 years of experience, our clothing company has grown exponentially, boasting more than 20 stores across the North East of the United States. 

Our mission has always been to prioritize mutually beneficial relationships. By focusing on fair pricing for customers, open communication and cooperation with factories and sourcing partners, and intense even-handed negotiations regarding our locations, we have consistently maintained a win-win status.

Core Principles

Trust, mutual respect, and morality are, and have always been, the core principles of this company. This is evident in the attitude of our team and the products we provide. We invite you to join us or put us to the test.

The Next Generation


In 2022, Mr. Park’s son, Daniel Park, joined the team with a particular goal in mind—to expand beyond the tristate area and bring the quality of XIOS to a wider audience. Through our multiple social media outlets and our website, people can see the premium quality provided by a team that shares their desire for fairness and honesty.


A Message from Our Executive Vice President

"As the Vice President of the XIOS Company, I am proud of our 30 years of success, driven by our unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. As we expand, our dedication to exceptional products at unbeatable prices remains strong. We are excited to share our love for fashion with a wider audience, continuing our mission to make a meaningful impact in the industry."

   - Daniel Park / Executive Vice President of XIOS.